Spiritual Mezé: Taster Courses for the Soul

Spiritual Mezé: Taster Courses for the Soul

Spiritual Mezé: Taster Courses for the Soul, gets its inspiration from the Greek-Cypriot style of eating mezé, meant to stimulate your appetite and prolong the pleasure of eating. It’s a perfect metaphor for the kind of spiritual growth you’ll practice during these Taster Courses because it encompasses many basic spiritual principles, such as:

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Being Present

It’s a time to slow down and be with friends and family, to be fully present to enjoy each individual dish. In the Taster Courses, you’ll be given one week to digest and try out a small spiritual practice before moving on to the next one.

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There are always so many dishes served during a mezé meal, that there’s more than everyone can possibly eat. It’s a time for excess, for revelling in a sense of abundance and plenty. You’ll have a variety of courses to choose from which will cover personal development practices from some of the leading spiritual teachers, psychologists, neuroscientists, and motivational speakers of our time -  plenty to sink your teeth into.

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Variety as the Spice of Life

No two mezé meals are always alike. The variety and combination of plates is endless. Likewise, you’ll have the chance to explore self-development practices as diverse as the scientific practices behind lasting change, using meditation to change your brain waves, balancing chakras, navigating the digital world in the spiritual age, and the art of pursuing happiness.

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Freedom to Choose

If you don’t like a plate or practice that is put before you, there are always more to come; you can pick and choose something which suits you from the Taster Courses.

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Connection and Accountability

You never, ever, eat mezé alone. In fact, restaurants won’t serve mezé to a sole customer. It takes at least two people to eat a mezé meal; in these Taster Courses, you’ll be able to attend weekly cohort classes with other people and be given the chance to share and reflect on your experiences. In addition, you'll be able to sign up to our private community and create your own space away from the crowds and overwhelm of  Facebook and YouTube.

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Join our Community

In the spirit of accountability and growth, you'll be able to post your experiences throughout the courses and share them with the wider community on our private social network. Create a space that's all your own.