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About - Spiritual Mezé: Taster Courses for the Soul

Spiritual Mezé aims to bring community to the journey of self-development. Spiritual growth can often feel isolating, but here you can participate in courses and events geared towards connection and accountability as you step into your best self.

Spiritual growth isn’t formulaic; there’s no “one size fits all.” The amount of information on self-development as well as the number of courses available can lead to a sense of frustration and overwhelm, especially if you’ve been unable to complete courses that require weeks or months of commitment. Often, these kinds of courses only serve to reinforce limiting beliefs because they end in a sense of disappointment and feelings of failure. 

Spiritual Mezé cuts through the overwhelm in offering small doses of spiritual growth in easy-to-digest pieces. Spiritual Mezé: Taster Courses for the Soul, gets its inspiration from the Greek-Cypriot style of eating mezé, a huge meal served in small dishes over a few hours, meant to stimulate your appetite and prolong the pleasure of eating. Mezé can’t be rushed; it can only be enjoyed over a long period of time; each plate is meant to be savoured and enjoyed. It’s a perfect metaphor for the kind of spiritual growth you’ll practice during these Taster Courses because you can choose to linger or move on to the next session at a pace that’s right for you.

Spiritual Mezé: Taster Courses for the Soul isn’t like a conventional course with a beginning and an end completion date. The courses are offered throughout the year, and you can choose how many, when, or even if you want to attend the cohort classes. The Taster Courses are paired with a weekly live class offered at a variety of times on a first-come, first-served basis, and you can join any time that suits you, without having to pre-book. You’ll be able to explore spiritual growth practices in modules that are broken up into small sessions. You’ll be given study material based on the topic for that session, and while it’s helpful to complete the material before the live class, it’s not essential to do so. There’s no “homework” or “coursework” that you have to complete before or after. You’ll be introduced to the practices during the class and have the chance to discuss your experiences with class members. Then, you’ll be able to continue practising on your own, until you are ready for the next new challenge. In the spirit of accountability and growth, you’ll be able to post your experiences and share them with the wider community on our private social network.

Spiritual Meze: Taster Courses for the Soul supports your spiritual growth in bits and pieces at a rate that suits your lifestyle.

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About Me

With a background in grief and healing in memoir writing, I now focus on bridging the academic and the spiritual in practical ways that can support people on their own journeys of self-development.

Amy-Katerini Hall, Ph.D.